Windows Insider Build 14332 ICS Problems Still Exist

In an earlier post I mentioned issues I was having with Internet Connection Sharing and the latest Windows Insider Builds in the fast ring.  The solution was to take ownership of the file hnetcfg.dll in the Windows/System32 folder and then replace it with an earlier version.

The latest Build 14332 and the previous Build 14328 both still have issues with ICS on my system.  The past two builds I had to resort to using the release version of the hnetcfg.dll which is version 10586.

I have been posting feedback each version I see this issue with.  Anyone else experiencing the same?

Windows Insider Build 14328 Released for Mobile and PC

Earlier today Gabe Aul announced the release of Windows Insider Build 14328 for both Mobile and PC.  See more about the announcement here.

The link above details the new features and known issues in depth.  Quickly though you can look forward to: Windows Ink, Improved Start Menu Experience, Cortana and Search Improvements and an Enhanced Tablet Experience on desktop/tablet.  On the mobile build there are improvements but no announced new features at this time as the last mobile build released was 14237.

To get the updates you must be a Windows Insider on the Fast Ring.

Lenovo Systems and Windows Insider Mouse Issues

I have a Lenovo Edge 2-in-1 that I use Windows 10 Insider on. Recent builds starting around 14295 in the Fast Ring caused major issues with my mouse after updating forcing me to roll back. The mouse would behave erratically and would become practically unusable. After the recent Insider update the behavior was still there causing me to explore the issue further.

Searching online I noticed a number of people having similar issues in the following threads: and

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ICS Issues and Insider Preview Builds

If you are part of the Windows Insiders program and use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) you may have noticed issues in recent builds.  I utilize ICS at work daily to share the connection with a laptop.  My main workstation has been running Insider Preview builds from the Fast ring since last Spring.  Overall it has been stable (save for issues with some Apps here and there which I discussed in my last post).

I noticed on Build 14295 that ICS suddenly stopped working.  The existing connection would connect but there was no internet. Trying to troubleshoot and remove and setup the virtual connection would eventually lead to errors such as “Internet Connection Sharing cannot be enabled”.

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