Lumia 950XL Review–Almost Great

First Impressions: Great display, impressive camera, responsive.

During the recent promotion where Microsoft offered a free Lumia 950 with the purchase of a 950xl I had debated buying the Lumia until the last day of the promo and found myself driving an hour away to the nearest Microsoft Store in Delaware to see the 950xl up close to help me determine if I should make the plunge and upgrade.

I spent about 10 minutes in store comparing the 950xl to my existing 640 and it was an easy enough choice that the cost of the upgrade with the free 950 was worth taking a chance on.  I considered the rumored Surface phone is still close to a year away and I hadn’t had anything close to a premium phone since the Nokia 920 years ago so made the purchase.

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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14342 Released for PC

Sometime last night Microsoft accidentally pushed the latest Insider Preview Build to the Fast Ring.  The build was initially scheduled to go out today but was pushed earlier than planned.

The Edge browser received a upgrade with Ad Block extensions now available.  Additionally, extensions will now be installed through the store as opposed to separately downloading.

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Free Windows Development Tools for Windows Universal Apps and More!

It’s been no secret that Microsoft has been taking a beating in the mobile realm.  Windows 10 mobile has only been released on a handful of phones so far with users of specific Lumia models waiting for the promised update still from 8.1 Denim.

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