Microsoft Outlook Disappearing Folder “0w#25” Workaround

Outlook is my primary email app and for years has been dependable and stable.  However there has been a continuing issue I’ve run into the past couple of years that appears to be more of a bug than a make or break scenario.

On occasion upon launching Outlook you might find a “missing folder” listed among your email accounts.  Closer inspection by right-clicking and choosing properties has revealed the name to be “0w#25” (at least in my specific circumstance).  This folder cannot be deleted, renamed or altered in any manner.  The following is a workaround for this issue as I have not discovered a permanent fix as of yet.

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1and1 Cloud Server and Plesk Licensing Key Terminated

I’ll extrapolate a little bit more later but today ran into an issue with a cloud server from 1and1. Logging into Plesk received a licensing key terminated message. Quickly looked up the issue online and none of the solutions at the Plesk forums pointed to a problem on the server end. So called tech support at 1and1 and after 40 odd minutes a pleasant tech answered the phone who stated this was a new issue for them. They poked around confirmed the error then after being put on hold came back online and informed me that the person who could assist with this issue wouldn’t be in until Monday. I was a little frustrated at this point but decided to look around a bit since the 1and1 Control Panel has an area where there is an activation key for Plesk.
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WARNING! … Windows Cumulative Update KB3201845 Causing Major Issues

Microsoft pushed Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 KB3201845 out the door this week. Apparently there are some major issues being caused by this update including the following complaints experienced by myself and a few others posting on Microsoft’s forums:

1) Update fails to install resulting in a BSOD – Critical Process Died. Upon restart INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE can occur and the system cannot find the boot drive (SSD drives appear to be the main culprit from my experience).
2) Some users have experienced internet issues after successfully installing the latest update. The fix suggested at Microsoft’s forums is to clean restart the system.
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