Windows Insider Build 15014 Released to the Fast Ring

2017 continues strong for users in the Windows Insider preview program.  The day before inauguration Microsoft released Build 15014 to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring for PC and Mobile.

Some notable features include a slider option for Power Management available on the taskbar under the battery icon as well as improvements to Cortana, E-Book support and user interface features added.

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Overall the upgrade went smoothly however there seems to be a few minor issues with Cortana so far on 2 systems I use.  Have experienced some momentary freezing accessing Cortana.  Cannot say I am a huge fan of the lighter shade of the Cortana search bar at this point either.

Let me know what you think.

Insider Build 15002 Released to the Fast Ring for Desktop

And the first Windows Insider Build to hit 2017 is 15002 for the PC.  Earlier today Dona Sarkar announced Build 15002 was ready and available.  Some notable improvements include tabbed previews in Edge and Windows Start Menu supporting drag and drop folders similar to the current behavior the phone UI supports.

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2016 The Year of My Hard Drive Failures

I had another reminder today of either my perpetual bad luck the past 2 years in buying storage devices or just an overall trend of poor manufacturing.  As I went to plug in my 2 month old Seagate 1TB Backup Plus Slim Drive the dreaded clicking sound of death emanated from the enclosure.

Seagate Backup Slim Failure

As you could guess the drive was unrecognizable and had failed.  I attempted to open the enclosure and reset the spindle as I had seen reports of that temporarily working so I could pull the data but had no luck.  A quick side note – this drive uses T3 screws for all but one screw which appeared to a be an octagon shaped head.  I had to force the screw out as I did not have that tool available.

The drive was purchased by my office while on the road so I had no input on the purchase but was really surprised when it failed so suddenly.  Up to that point and time the drive performed well and seemed solid.  A quick lookup at Best Buy revealed I am not the only one experiencing this issue (  Luckily I had a backup of all the data on the drive so the company was only out about a $50 spot after disassembling the drive.  However, 2016 has not been kind to me regarding hard drives as there were other instances …

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