Even Windows 10 Is Sad to See Windows Mobile Go

Coincidence, I think not! After news spread yesterday and today that Microsoft has finally admitted to killing off Windows Mobile; this message was shown on one of my desktops in the Windows App Store today:

Windows 10 grieving now that Windows Mobile is officially pronounced dead.

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Windows Insider Fast Ring Build 16291 and surprise build for mobile?

Dona Sarkar and the Windows Insider dev team dropped Build 16921 for PC today but stated that no mobile build would be released.

Resume from PC to phone using Cortana is listed as a feature at the Windows Insider blog along with the following:

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Windows Insider Build 16251 Released for PC and 15235 for Mobile

Dona Sarkar tweeted that builds 16251 and 15235 have been released for Windows Insiders on the fast ring in the preview program. Some items of interest include:

Build 16251 for PC

  • Link Your Phone and PC – (According to the blog notes this feature will enable cross device web-browsing and will be currently available for Android with iPhone coming shortly)
  • Web Search Results in Cortana without opening web browser
  • Cortana Voice Commands to lock, sign-out, shutdown, or turn off your PC (Finally!)
  • Improved Boot Up Experience
  • A list of input improvements dealing with the touch keyboard, scrolling, pen, etc.
  • Additional Edge and Gaming improvements as well

Build 15235 for Mobile

  • Continuum improvements for displaying in portrait mode
  • A small list of bug fixes

I am currently downloading the desktop build on a Lenovo Edge 1580 and an Asus Desktop. Looking forward to trying out the Cortana feature but the phone link feature targeted towards Android and iPhone and the current state of the Windows mobile build is another clear message from Microsoft that the phone ecosystem is either dead already or dying.

See more about the latest builds here.

Windows Insider Build 15025 Creators Update Released to Desktop and Mobile

In the past 24 hours Microsoft has released Build 15025 – known as the Creators Update to Insiders in the Fast Ring for both desktop and mobile. Installation on 2 different systems went smoothly and performance and stability up to this point are better than expected. Currently am installing on mobile so do not have any experience with the mobile version yet.

Desktop features include Braille support in Narrator, mono audio option in Ease of Access settings, Collections in Feedback Hub, enhanced Night Light features. A long list of improvements can be found at https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2017/02/01/announcing-windows-10-insider-preview-build-15025-pc/#ZA2ACCbsbBxJ0hmM.97.