WARNING! … Windows Cumulative Update KB3201845 Causing Major Issues

Microsoft pushed Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 KB3201845 out the door this week. Apparently there are some major issues being caused by this update including the following complaints experienced by myself and a few others posting on Microsoft’s forums:

1) Update fails to install resulting in a BSOD – Critical Process Died. Upon restart INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE can occur and the system cannot find the boot drive (SSD drives appear to be the main culprit from my experience).
2) Some users have experienced internet issues after successfully installing the latest update. The fix suggested at Microsoft’s forums is to clean restart the system.

Here are some links addressing issues with the latest update:

My personal experience started upon booting up my system yesterday and walking away. I came back to a restarted system with inaccessible boot device error. I am running a PNY SSD drive and occasionally have experienced this glitch over the past year. Usually a forced shutdown by the power button and restart will fix the issue.  It seems that certain software updates cause the BSOD – I have not confirmed whether it is the controller or the drive itself having issues when the updates are being applied.

After restarting the system several times and booting into Windows a Steam update would attempt to be applied and the system would BSOD again. I booted into Safe Mode to remove Steam to see if that was the issue. A restart caused the BSOD again which at that time I noticed Windows was attempting to install KB3201845. I found a direct link to the update so attempted to install it that way but again a BSOD.  Two more times attempting to restart finally Windows update successfully downloaded and installed the update automatically. At this time the system has been running without the BSOD but only for 30 minutes or so. Will update if the issue comes back.

If you need the direct link for KB3201845 then you can download the 32-bit and 64-bit versions below:

Anyone else experiencing the BSOD issue or internet connection problems after KB3201845?

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