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Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4015438 Issues

Overall I cannot complain too much about Windows 10. I have it running on 5 systems and the experience has been mostly positive. However it has not been entirely smooth and some of the issues that are occurring IMO should not be at this point and time. The more things change the more they stay the same. I have one system that refuses to update past Build 14393 to any update on the Insider Program. I have another system, an HP i5 Desktop (12GB Memory, Intel HD520 Graphics and a PNY SSD as the main system drive) that has now seen an issue with almost all cumulative updates the past few months. I mentioned in this post that during the update the system would fail and BSOD. Upon restart an error would occur stating that the SSD drive was not found.

Cumulative Update KB4015438 is producing the exact same behavior and has failed to install multiple times causing the BSOD and inaccessible boot device error upon restart. Powering down and back up boots back into Windows but upon logging in the update restarts and fails again. I have not yet determined the cause but have noticed that during the update the system disk usage hits 100% and the error occurs at that point and time. I am assuming it is an issue with the chipset on this particular system and will update if I can determine the exact cause and/or fix for this particular problem.

Microsoft has made progress over the years as update issues that plagued Windows XP and some predecessors seem to be fewer and farther between these days. But when they do occur it is still an ugly mess which should no longer be happening.

Update 03/24/17 7:51AM – As of this time the system is almost entirely useless as it has BSOD’d multiple times and upon logging in the keyboard is unresponsive at random times and the system has been unable to function for more than 5 minutes until the issue occurs again. Currently attempting to download the update manually and apply.

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