Windows Creators Update and Insider Builds Failed Install Workaround

I have been running Windows 10, both the retail version and Insider Builds, on several systems since the launch. Recently on one specific system (an ASUS CM6830 Desktop) there were repeated failures updating to any build after 14393. I attempted to install the release version of the Creator’s update and even a clean install. All failed upon updating—freezing at 75% and then upon a hard reboot freezing again at 88%—ending with the inevitable restoring previous version.

Several attempts at identifying the issue including using DISM, running Windows Update Troubleshooter, uninstalling all unnecessary software, registry edits, running with only one stick of memory and swapping the hard drive— all met with failure. After the attempt at the clean install also failed recently I was forced to look for any other possibility. The system contains an nVidia 620GT card but I already disabled that previously so the only other item I could think of that was causing the problem was the ASUS WLAN PCIe card. After shutting down the system and manually removing the card, the install proceeded as usual and was successful. Once the system was backup and running I re-installed the card and Windows 10 was able to configure the card and it was fully functional at that point.

Once back up and running I put the system back on the Insider program so I could receive the next build update. Again the build update failed. At the 75% failure point I powered down the system and removed the card again. The system started back up and was able to successfully complete the update. Again once the update was installed, I re-installed the card and Windows was able to configure the drivers and it was fully operational.

Looking into details of the WLAN card it is utilizing an RT3090 chipset and driver version by Media Tek, Inc. This driver appears to be the latest driver released. The date of the driver is 05/18/2015. As of right now the card still works but if installed in the system build updates are unsuccessful. I have provided feedback in the Insider Program and am hoping there will be an updated driver or that Microsoft will be able to identify this specific issue so the card can be left inserted in the system during a build update.

Curious to know if anyone else has run into the same issue? If so, did you have a WLAN card in your system and did you figure out this was the issue? I will update the post if a permanent fix is found for the issue and/or driver update released.

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  1. I’ve been having issues with my Windows hosting. It has set me back quite a bit while making the next list. This is the current list that I have. I should add another list in less than a week. I’ll let you all know when the next list is ready. Thank you for your patience.

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